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If you want to go to Central Island National Park you will first have to find Lake Turkana, in the Kenyan Great Rift Valley. This is a place of volcanoes and Lake Turkana is a salt lake derived from an ancient volcanic activity. It is a long and large water pond stretching between Ethiopia and Kenya and many islands rise from it. The most interesting is Central Island, also known as Crocodile Island because of the name of one of its craters.

Central Island, in fact, is a young volcano – or a system of three volcanoes – active with sulphurous smoke and steam. Its three craters host three small lakes: Crocodile, Flamingo and Tilapia. The island was declared a National Park in order to protect both the wild animals living over there and the landscape and vegetation. Today, it is one of the most charming protected areas in Kenya.


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Central Island National Park in Kenya

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